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The core strand of Art activity in this year’s festival is being provided in partnership with Secret Severn Arts Trail. The 2019 trail includes main gallery sites at Fusion ( The Footprint Gallery ) and Ironbridge Fine Arts, with nine open studios based at The Maws Centre and Fusion, and seven open-house studios placed around the local area.

In addition there is a programme of art workshops covering collage, printmaking, screen printing, and drawing; a resident poet recording the experiences during the trail; and a resident artist painting every day at Footprint Gallery. Secret Severn is also including an evening Haiku performance and a film festival based at Coalbrookdale Community Centre. The 2019 trail programme, starts with the launch evening at Footprint Gallery on the evening of Thursday 19th September, and continues through to Sunday 29th September.

The general public will have the opportunity to visit eighteen venues across the Gorge; watch artists at work; participate in workshops and purchase a range of art at affordable prices. Secret Severn Arts believe that it is important to involve more people in the enjoyment of viewing and, hopefully, expressing themselves through creating their own art. We believe that art is probably the only medium which can excite and communicate with all sections of our community and that this interaction is perhaps more important than ever.

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Secret Severn Arts Trail

Secret Severn Arts Trail

Category: Art & Artists

Date & Time: 11:00 - 16:00 on Thu 03 Sep 2020 to Sun 13 Sep 2020

Tickets: Free Entry

Partner: Secret Severn Arts Trail

Final details are being put together please come back here as we update in the next couple of weeks.

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